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Natural Nails

Nails have their own DNA, their own specific strengths and weaknesses- just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy. That is why the foundation of Jessica’s system is its precision, allowing us to customise your manicure.

All nail new clients will be required to purchase a file kit suitable for their nail treatment.  This kit can then be brought to all future treatments, however if the kit is miss placed or forgotten a new set will have to be purchase. 

Natural nail file kit £2.00
Geleration file kit £3.00

Jessica Manicure- Indulge your hand and nails with Jessica’s LeRemedi range.  Light exfoliation removes excess skin to revel softer smoother skin ready to absorb LeRemedi’s masque and liposomes.  Nails are filed, cuticles tidied and hands are finished with a Jessica custom nail vanish. 

Jessica Manicure (1 hour) £27.00



GELeraton is a soak off get polish. GELeration embraces Jessica
philosophy of care and protection for the natural nail. The natural nail is cared for and protected throughout the lifecycle of Geleration manicure and pedicure. The gels act as a shield for the nails, protecting them and helping them to grow. Nails will look fresh for up to 3 weeks.

GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure (1 hour) £38.50

Includes hand exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, nails
shape and finish with a Jessica GELeration gel polish.

GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure & Removal £47.50

(1 hour 15 minutes)
As above and will include any previous GELeration removal.

GE Leration Gel Nail Shape & Polish (45 minutes) £28.50

Nails are filed and finished off with a Jessica GELeration polish.




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