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Dermalogica is the skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Known worldwide as the "professionals' choice" , Dermalogica is founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury...any more than brushing your teeth or washing your hair is!

For years, Dermalogica's formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available, all Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic ( non pore blocking) and contain no mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance, and no drying S.D. alcohol.

For best results, ask your therapist for a complimentary face-mapping consultation – a zone-by-zone analysis for the most targeted skin care and unsurpassed results

Dermalogica Products are used in facial and body treaments at Venus and Mars and are also available to buy.

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